Fotografía aérea con globos de vertederos

El lunes empezaremos un nuevo campo de exploración: la fotografía aérea. Con motivo de la exposición Trans Trash en el MIT. Esperemos que sea la primera de una serie de fotos. Copiamos aquí la convocatoria, atentos a la web de Trans Trash para actualizaciones:

Image: Grassrootsmapping. Download the illustrated guides.

We are organizing with Jeff (Grassrootmapping and PLOTS) and some people from Harvard GSD a visit to the landfill where the ashes of Cambridge waste is deposited. What is seems to be an old quarry: the Landfill Wheelabrator Saugus Inc. Ash Landfill. Cambridge’s Trash is burnt in the waste incinerator plant beside it. The purpose of the visit is to make an aerial photography of the andfill. Maybe the first of a long row of aerial landfill photography? We will be using the experience and tools from PLOTS.  We find specially interesting to be able to track dumping sites.

One week ago we had the opening of Trans Trash exhibition on September 30th the global action day against waste incineration, coincidence?

Write to if you are interested in coming. If anyone’s able to help pick up some helium on Saturday, that would be very helpful.

Meeting point: Revere Beach station (probably in the dunkin donuts) at 9:30 to get started. October 10th 2011. Send us an email to confirm.

Municipal Waste Combustors: Wheelabrator Saugus
Lots of info on lead, mercury, particulates, etc for this site:
Global Anti-incinerator Alliance (GAIA)

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